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For Joshua Caruso’s family August 13, 2013 started as a normal Tuesday. Josh woke up, got ready and headed off to school. On his way to the bus, Josh collapsed. His heart had stopped. He died instantly.

Josh had an undiagnosed heart condition – hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). HCM is a genetic condition that causes the muscles in the heart to thicken. It often has no symptoms; there was no indication that Josh’s heart was abnormal or that he was at risk.

Josh was a healthy, happy 13-year-old. He was a keen footy player and represented his local club at touch football. His death was a shock to both his family and the local community.

HCM is a genetic condition that often goes undiagnosed. If one member of the family is affected, it is very likely that others will be too. Josh’s parents, Joe and Belinda, have since discovered that their eldest son Nicholas has HCM. Their youngest son, Bayley, is at risk of developing it.

The Joshua Caruso Foundation was established to remember Josh and to raise money and awareness to help combat HCM.


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